On February 27, 2012, we opened our doors hoping to bring something truly unique to you: affordable gourmet.
It may sound really cliché, but you’ll find something for everyone here.

Call us crazy, but we think the idea of having only one “price point” at a restaurant makes no sense. Why shouldn’t you be able to get a high-end meal at the same place you find amazing, affordable, on-the-go thin crust pizza? Why can’t you have an amazing glass of Merlot with a delectable Detroit deep dish pizza? And why can’t all of this be made for you with quality and affordability in mind?


At Crispelli’s, we believe that quality doesn’t have to be expensive. With hundred-year-old baking techniques, the freshest dough, and the finest ingredients, we’re committed to affordable gourmet. But we also know that life is becoming ever more fast-paced, so it’s fitting that the centerpiece of our restaurant is a stone fired oven, that bakes at 700 degrees, that’ll make a thin crust pizza, right in front of you, in about 5 minutes. Grab something light, fresh, and healthy if you’re on-the-go. Or have a seat and settle into cozy gourmet.

But the passion of the people that are here is what makes this a special place. It starts with the owners and it doesn’t stop with the staff: a true, heartfelt, commitment to perfection. When you’re here, you’ll see and hear and smell a vibrancy, and an energy that’s hard to resist.

You’ll meet our Pizzaiola: a professional, bonafide, artisan pizza-maker, usually found only in Italy. You’ll find offerings that are healthy, authentic, and made before your eyes. You’ll see 85 years of pizza-making experience in the hands of experts. You’ll find a neighborhood atmosphere that’s as energetic and comfortable as can be. Most of all, you’ll find a place that looks and tastes and feels both fresh and old at the same time.